Inspired by the Bison

bison grazing

Ayani means "Bison" in the Navajo language. We have choosen this name in admiration of the mighty herbivore and what it meant to the indigenous people. Ayani was a way of life for the native people of the plains. It provided not only a source of nutrition, but also provided shelter, clothing as well as a vast array of tools. A single species of animal sustaining an entire population of people. We hold the same level of promise and admiration for the hemp plant. Hemp has thousands of known uses from nutrition, to clothing, paper, bio-plastic, bio-fuel, building materials, medicine, oil based products and much more.

Our hope is to share knowledge of modern hemp and cannabinoid research and deliver that to individuals in the form of naturally derived remedies. Our goal as a manufacturer is to present our efforts in the form of natural and organic hemp based products. All of our hemp CBD products are thoughtfully designed in that each clinically proven botanical ingredient works as a complement to CBD. These botanical compounds have been used for thousands of years in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese Medicine as well as other ancient cultures around the world.

Why Ayani Botanicals?


We are founded in the belief that organic is the future. We source our ingredients from certified organic providers for a few reasons. One we think it’s better for the health and wellness of our customers. Second we believe it is the best option for protecting the fragile environment we live in. Buying organically is about more than our personal wellness. Buying organic means that you are supporting companies that support the environment. When you support companies that choose to use organic methods of cultivation you are actively contributing to the reduction of harmful pesticides and synthetic chemicals that will inevitably be deposited and remain in our environment


Hemp isn’t the only medicinal plant on this earth. All of our products at Ayani botanicals are thoughtfully designed in that each botanical ingredient complements hemp CBD to achieve the most targeted relief for specific ailments. Over the last several years we have exhaustively conducted research to find botanical compounds that are not only effective but are validated in their intended use by peer reviewed research. We strive to have the most competitive prices on the market. We could not feel more strongly about our passion to make this available to EVERYONE. This is why if you do your research and calculate our mg/ dollar we will always be competitive with the most affordable third party tested competitors. Along with this, we want to make organic products available to everyone… why because we feel it is the most environmentally conscious thing to do.


We promise to always be third party tested. Our backgrounds in professional scientific disciplines are at the core of our commitment to follow all Good manufacturing practices (GMFP). This includes testing at every stage of our process, from raw plant material to the end product we provide our consumers. We know about the bad actors in the industry and we hope to become your trusted source for a safe, concentrated, effective and affordable product. Look for our batch numbers to verify your exact product with its official lab test.


Who loves to read research literature? We absolutely do. These are very exciting times for cannabis research and the progression of the industry. All of our products are being continuously developed and improved to insure we offer the most efficient and effective CBD product available. We are currently working on delivery methods that harness the power of nano-technology. Utilizing such technology and formulation means a more effective method of delivering CBD to our consumers. This translates directly to savings for our customers. How you ask? These Nano-emulsions considerably increase bioavailability meaning you need to consume less to have the same or greater effect! Coming to market soon, stay tuned!