CBD Topicals for Pain

CBD Topicals for Pain

The CDC reported in 2016 that 20 percent of Americans live with some form of chronic pain. If you have chronic pain, you may have tried numerous solutions for pain relief. Two varieties of CBD Topicals for Pain are now available from Ayani Botanicals: Our Fire & Ice offers a heating and cooling effect for a feeling of immediate relief. Our Hemp Salve offers a similar effect with  without the intense smell of menthol and cinnamon. If you’re looking for an alternative to pills, Ayani’s CBD salves are applied topically, and take effect within moments. Whether you’re going to the gym, to work, or about town, bring Ayani with you for quick and easy pain relief.

What does it do?

Ayani’s products are all derived from Colorado-grown organic hemp. We use our in house method of ethanol extraction to concentrate all of the beneficial compounds of the plant, including but not limited to a very high percentage of CBD. CBD is short for “cannabidiol”. When applied to the skin, CBD in Ayani’s CBD topicals for pain is absorbed into the skin, reducing inflammation and providing a localized relief of pain. This is an ideal product for those who live an active lifestyle. Athletes from a wide range of disciplines are increasingly turning to CBD topicals for recovery and general pain relief. The small tin slides easily into your gym bag for secure, easy transport. When your workout is over, apply Ayani CBD Topicals for quick pain relief on sore muscles. 

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Joint pain relief

More than 20% of adults in the United States struggle with arthritis. They tend to be a bit older, as osteoarthritis generally emerges after age 40. Rheumatoid arthritis can emerge at any age, and has a higher incidence in women. Ayani CBD Topicals provides fast, dependable relief from arthritic joint pain. The number of prescriptions taken by older Americans has been climbing for decades. Topically applied CBD Topicals is what you’re looking for if you want an alternative to pills for managing your joint pain. (1)

Will CBD topicals get me high?

The answer is no. CBD has no psychoactive effects, so products containing CBD will not cause a high in users. Those who enjoy living an active lifestyle generally want to avoid products that will leave them feeling drowsy or make it difficult to focus. With natural and organic health products becoming popular, now is the perfect time to see how CBD can improve your health and life experience. Ayani CBD Topicals delivers fast-acting  pain relief to sore muscles and joints without any of the unwanted side effects of traditional pharmaceutical medications.

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Are you ready to try out Ayani’s CBD topicals for pain relief? Hemp was once the United States’ most profitable export. We are happy to see the potential of this useful plant being realized. This is the most exciting time there has ever been in the field of cannabis-derived product research. Ayani sources its products from 100% organic hemp grown by Colorado farmers. When you buy from Ayani, you’re supporting America’s domestic agriculture industry. Order from our website, or call us at (303) 834-7782.

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(1) Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention – Arthritis Related Statistics


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