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CBD Lip Balm

Don’t let your lips get chapped by the cold winter air. Use Ayani’s CBD lip balm to soothe painful, chapped lips with the healing power of vitamin E and 100 milligrams of CBD. Small enough to take anywhere conveniently, so you never need to be without it. This product is currently available in 4 delicious flavors: Natural Hemp, Coco Lavender, Menthol, and Pomegranate, available individually or as part of the Ayani Package bundle. Like all of Ayani’s products, our lip balm uses organic hemp sourced from local Colorado farms. It’s also easily affordable at just $5.

How does lip balm work?

Products like our CBD lip balm offer soothing relief for painful chapped lips by applying a moisturizing agent that traps moisture in the lips, preventing it from escaping into the cold, dry air. This moisturizing agent is combined with a wax that acts as an adhesive, keeping the balm stuck to the lip surface. Many lip balms also include an anesthetic like CBD or menthol to numb the pain of seriously chapped lips. Apply your lip balm after drinking a large glass of water to help keep your lips hydrated. Remember to reapply your lip balm periodically, as the restorative benefits wear off.

Dry lip remedies through the ages

Dry lips have plagued humanity since the dawn of time. Unlike the rest of your skin, your lips don’t have oil glands, making them prone to drying out. In the first century BCE, the Egyptians and Romans were using beeswax and olive oil as treatments for chapped lips. The wisdom of the ancients is timeless: 2000 years later, organic beeswax and calendula-infused olive oil are two of the main ingredients in Ayani lip balm. A high concentration of vitamin E helps to speed the regeneration of new skin cells in the lips.

How to prevent chapped lips

In addition to applying Ayani lip balm several times per day, there are other steps you can take to keep your lips from drying out.

  • – Don’t lick your lips: Healthline has reported licking your lips a lot will dry them out more quickly.(1) Saliva contains digestive enzymes. It also evaporates more quickly than water. Both these qualities mean licking your lips will dry them out faster than if you had done nothing.
  • – Cover your mouth: wearing a scarf or a mask over your face will help your lips retain moisture longer.
  • – Drink plenty of water
  • – Get a humidifier for your home if you live in a dry area
  • – Avoid consuming caffeine or alcohol excessively: these substances both contribute to dehydration.

Natural CBD lip balm

Our proprietary CBD lip balm formula combining hemp seed oil, essential oils, and organic hemp extracts will keep your lips healthy and moisturized. This product is ideal for people living in both cold climates and arid deserts. Other brands of lip balm contain artificial ingredients like salicylic acid, which can actually dry your lips out more. Ayani is different: we don’t use artificial fillers or additives in our products, and we never will. Order yours today for just $5, and enjoy months of healthy, moisturized lips.


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